Top 4 Advertising Campaign Wars Between Rival Companies

Top 4 Advertising Campaign Wars Between Rival Companies
Top 4 Advertising Campaign Wars Between Rival Companies

Since the beginning of companies and brands, the rivalry between competitive companies challenges each other through a variety of advertising tactics that includes billboards, commercials, videos, and more. Just when we think that these forms of strategies were enough, some brand rivalries has stepped up their game.

Check out these top 4 advertising campaign wars between rival companies.

Google Chrome versus Microsoft

As longtime rivals, Google and Microsoft are always looking for fresh ideas on how to top each other. In 2013, Google released an advertisement titled “Chrome: Now Everywhere.” Within 2 months, Microsoft released an ad campaign titled “Scroogled” that was used to warn users that Google can breach privacy. Microsoft then followed with an ad “Google Chrome Bouncing Ball Now Everywhere” with a claim that Chrome was able to track everything users do.

Apple versus Samsung

As the two tech giants compete against each other, they have taken the competition to high levels within the past few years. in the late 2011 Galaxy s II promotion, Apple fans were seen waiting in line for the next iPhone release while watching Samsung buyers walk by. Not only did the ad mock iPhone users, but also took the opportunity to feature their large screen features.

There was even a poster that featured the Galaxy S II being compared to a group of tin cans, obsolete cell phone, and an iPhone.

PlayStation 4 versus Xbox One

To spice things up with the decade-old rivalry, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 were launched within a week apart. As Microsoft didn’t want to fall behind, they released their ad to promote the Xbox One and even enlisted the help of Star Trek actor, Zachary Quinto and more. The ad was able to generate double the amount of hype during the release date.

iPad versus Everyone Else

With everyone from Kindle Fire to Microsoft and Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple’s iPad was always put up for a challenge. With Microsoft holding the record for the most Apple parodies, the brand released an advertisement titled “Windows 8: Less talk, more doing. This involved Apple’s own Siri to badmouth the product.

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