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Have you just entered the world of advertising or are you already an experienced professional? Regardless of what your level of experience is, there is always something interesting to find out. Something you didn’t know yet. This is why we have created this website and we have gathered all kinds of captivating facts about advertising, from principles professionals in the field need to follow to examples of successful and influential advertising campaigns. Here is a list of the topics you’ll be able to research here:

  • Principles of ethical advertising
  • Pros and cons against advertising to children
  • Ethical issues in advertising
  • Influential names in the history of advertising
  • Major advertising agencies in the world
  • Highly-influential advertising campaigns
  • Frequent advertising terms and their definitions
Online advertising

Online advertising

As you have noticed, the materials we provide focus more on advertising ethical issues and advertising history. What these articles have in common is they present less-known and captivating facts, like the following:

  • Why advertisers should always say the truth
  • How to use advertising endorsement in an ethical manner
  • What kind of laws advertisers need to follow
  • What aspects could make advertising for children ethical
  • Reasons why advertising for children is not supported by many groups
  • When the largest advertising agencies in the world have been founded
  • What were some historical mergers in the advertising history
  • What are some of the most widespread global advertising agencies in the world
  • What are some of the most famous advertising campaigns in the world and which are still running
  • What made people drink more milk
  • What campaign dared to attack the social norm regarding beauty standards
  • What brand created 1500 ads featuring the same subject
  • What is the longest running advertising campaign and how it ended
  • What is the meaning of some mysterious advertising acronyms, such as CPI, DMA, or OTT

Those who are passionate about advertising history will be able find out information about famous advertisers such as David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach, or Rosen Reeves, and find out about the impact these names have had on the advertising world.

Our glossary article contains both common terms that most advertising and marketing rookies would recognize, such as landing page, but it also includes some less-known terms – read it and you will be able to understand the industry’s specific jargon.

There is also an article about principles advertisers need to follow, so if you ever are in doubt about your activity in the field, in the first place you can consult our article about the 8 principles of advertising and discover if your actions are ethical or not. The 8 principles have been created by the American Advertising Federation.

In the end, we are always open to suggestions and we like to hear the opinion of our readers, whether you feel we have forgotten an important term in the glossary or think we should have included another important name in advertising in our resources. Our purpose is to serve as a guide for you in the world of advertising, and, why not, entertain you.